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Why must we adhere to society norms? Just because everyone else hates it, doesn’t mean you should too.

A friend of mine wrote an article for Charlotte Agenda about how she loves to eat at a restaurant on the same side of her fiancé. She claims that you already do this at home, so why not do it in public? When I started to reflect on my opinion of this, I realize that I’ve created weird social rules based upon others opinion of me. Let me attempt to explain:

I find it completely normal to sit at a bar, drink and eat with your significant other sitting beside you, yet I find it completely strange to sit in a booth on the same side. How odd is that?

What are some other things you love doing that everyone else find a bit…odd? I love going to the movies alone. There are some of my friends who refuse to do anything alone whereas I find a lot of things rewarding when you’re alone. More specifically people watching is way more fun alone. Let me know what are things you love doing, but society tends to reject it by sending me an instagram DM @kissroyboy