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HONG KONG - JANUARY 15: A makeup artist lays out the tools of her trade, backstage ahead of the Angela Chung and Gregorius Vici show during Hong Kong Fall/Winter Fashion Week at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on January 15, 2014 in Hong Kong. (Photo by Gareth Gay/Getty Images)

June is Pride month and pride-themed collections are everywhere.

It’s always good when you can shop your favorite brands while supporting a good cause. Some of your favorite skincare, makeup, and hair companies are celebrating Pride month by pledging to donate a share of their profits to LGBTQ causes.

We found this list of beauty brands that are celebrating Pride month in a good way:

  • Harry’s – 100% of the proceeds of their Shave with Pride Set will benefit “The Trevor Project,” which is a group that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to the LGBTQ+ youth
  • KUSH Queen – 20% of all proceeds of their rainbow, CBD-infused bath bomb will go to “The Trans Lifeline”
  • MAC Cosmetics – They’re sponsoring Los Angeles Pride and World Pride NYC
  • MILK Makeup – When you buy their Wear Your Pride Set, you’ll be supporting “The Center.” This organization advocates for justice and opportunity for LGBTQ+ people and MILK Makeup’s donating 100% of the proceeds from this set (up to $50,000) to them
  • Tarte – They’re donating $25,000 to “The Trevor Project”
  • Urban Decay – When you buy their Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Stonewall they will give 25% of the proceeds to “The Stonewall Community Foundation,” which is a group that raises money to support the LGBTQ+ community
  • Youth to the People – 100% of the profits from the sale of their Superfood Cleanser Pride Edition will go to GLSEN, an organization dedicated to making schools an inclusive place for LGBTQ+ students from K-12


Happy Pride! Be proud of who you are.