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Thomas in Charlotte BEAT LauRen this morning! As Maney said…”She went from Jordan (23) to zero!”

  1. Turns out we’ve all been pronouncing Rihanna’s name wrong. True or false: She has a “Fenty” makeup line? True


  1. The Jonas Brothers’ documentary dropped at midnight and we can’t wait to watch it. How many brothers are in the band? 3


  1. Rumors are starting again that Bradley Cooper & his wife are headed towards a divorce. What’s the name of the blockbuster film he starred in last year with lady Gaga? A Star Is Born


  1. Forbes announced that Beyonce’s husband became the first hip-hop artist to make it into the billionaire’s club, who is he? Jay-Z 


  1. What former “Twilight star” has been officially named the new Batman? Robert Pattinson