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There’s nothing like visiting a new place for the first time with your best friend!

So I have this best friend and she’s pretty dope. We’ve been best friends since high school and then after high school, she moved up North and I stayed here in North Carolina. Being that far apart and being broke college kids, we weren’t able to travel much. Our time hanging out consisted of me going to see her or her coming down to see me. That changed this year! We took our first official “bro-trip.”

It didn’t disappoint. We got to do a lot of things in L.A. Like…

Tattoos! I ended up getting tatted while over there. My right leg is considered my “travel” sleeve. Each tattoo I have on my right leg I’ve gotten in different states/countries. I decided to add to it!

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???? ???? LA

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Mimosas: Bottomless mimosas are a beautiful thing. A dangerous thing…but very very beautiful.

Brunch: If there’s one thing the west coast knows how to do it is brunch! We had an amazing vegan brunch with amazing breakfast cocktails.


I brought my GoPro (ended up losing it and getting it back…that’s a whole different story) and we got some great footage! Check out the complete recap of my L.A. trip with my best friend below: