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A group of nurses shared with Business Insider some of the things they wish they could tell patients, but really can’t…because you know, that would just be rude.

When you’re sick and head to the doctor’s office the first person that you encounter is a nurse. We know nurses love what they do, and it takes a very special type of person to become & stay a nurse, but there are some things nurses want to tell their patients. We typically do this with our food industry radio family but today we talked to our nurses!

The Business Insider got the latest scoop from nurses about what they really want to say but can’t. You would be surprised by some of their responses.. or maybe you won’t be, because we all know people can be ridiculous.


  • They Don’t Necessarily Love The Doctors They’re Working With
  • A Hospital Isn’t A Hotel– Nurses aren’t your maids they work hard for what they do please give them the respect they deserve
  • Your Condition Isn’t Always A Priority– Nurses are going to take the more serious conditions first, so a life or death situation will go first before your sore throat
  • Tardiness Makes Their Life Harder– Nurses already work long days, don’t make them stay longer because you were late. Call in advance if you’re planning on being late / have something come up.
  • Try To Be More Concise When Relaying Your Medical History
  • Nurses Are People Too– Just like you, they’re human and may have a bad day every now and again.
  • It Pays To Be Polite
  • They Know More Than Your Smartphones– To be a nurse you need to have a degree so unless you have a degree in nursing you should let them do their job

Nurses do a lot more than you think they have, so for all you nurses out their thank you for what you do. Are you a nurse? If so, What do you wish to tell your patients? Tweet us @themrlshow.


Intern Preston