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Since Uber started, drivers have always needed to maintain a 4.6 rating out of 5 to keep driving for them.  If a driver falls below this rating they are no longer allowed to drive for Uber. Now it seems that the tables are about to turn.

If you didn’t already know, Uber drivers have the ability (and they do so) to rate their riders as soon as they get out of the car from their ride. So if you’re an obnoxious drunk on the way home, being rude then chances are you won’t get yourself a good rating. So now the heat is not only on the driver but the rider as well.

Starting in a few months riders can be denied service if they fall under a certain amount. The lowest rating that can be kept hasn’t been shared yet but don’t worry, Uber says you’ll get warnings if you’re at risk of being banned.

I suppose drunkenly calling an Uber and throwing up all over the back seat can get a little annoying, considering driving for Uber is how a majority of drivers make a living.  This change was also likely due to the recent Uber strike where drivers demanded a higher pay per ride fee.


Source: Huffington Post 


Intern Joshua VanDerNoord | The MRL Morning Show