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Man gets slapped 52 times in public for not buying his girlfriend a new phone on Chinese Valentines Day.

A couple in Sichuan province, China made quite a scene on May 20th, often called Chinese Valentine’s Day, after the ungrateful girlfriend slapped her partner a total of 52 times after her boyfriend failed to buy her a new phone.

The scene was captured on both surveillance footage and phone video footage from people watching around them, which clearly showed the woman yelling at the man and reaching out several times to slap his face while the man remains still and simply takes the abuse.

When police arrived at the scene and attempted to separate the couple, the man insisted on defending his partner, saying that he had made a mistake and that he believed the physical abuse was the only way to calm her anger. The police also shortly discovered that most of the man’s expenses were being paid for by his girlfriend.

While authorities were unable to convince the stubborn couple to take the issue to the police station, the pair reportedly vowed to handle their issues in a more civilized manner in the future.


Intern Shannon- The MRL Morning Show