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Tomorrow we will find out if LauRen ends the month with a win, but for today she advances to 21 wins!

  1. Joe Jonas jokingly admitted that Diplo “ruined” his Vegas wedding because he never had permission to live stream the wedding, what Game of Thrones cast member did he marry? Sophie Turner


  1. Harry Styles is going to be the face of Gucci’s latest fragrance, what band was he a part of? One Direction


  1. Millie Bobby Brown is in the new Godzilla movie hitting theaters this weekend but is also known as Eleven in what Netflix series? Stranger Things


  1. Shawn Mendes has one of the most in-demand tours of the summer, where is he from? Canada


  1. Will Smith stars in “Aladdin” and helps two little girls meet Jasmine during the press carpet. He’s known as the Genie in the movie but he’s also known as the Fresh Prince of….? Belair