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Overprotective moms, obnoxious animals, and awful music are just some of the anti-perks of having a roommate.  These stories will make living alone seem like a dream vacation.  

What could be worse than having to let your roommate’s dog out all throughout the night? How about listening to the same music over and over again throughout the night?  One person tells us about her freshmen roommate who insisted on listening to the same 20 country music songs on loop all throughout the night.

We all love our mothers and appreciate what they do for us, but when does affection become annoying?  Perhaps when your freshman roommate’s mother visits on a daily basis?  How about when she then insists on cleaning your side of the room, or when a class gets canceled and you walk in on them cuddling?  This is just one example of when motherly love can go a little overboard.

What is worse than waking up in the morning getting ready for the day by making yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich breakfast only to find that your roommates have eaten you ENTIRE JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER!  How does someone even do that in one day?  One person tells the story of how she got revenge on her hungry housemates.  Her roommates kept eating her food while at the same time complaining when she reciprocated.  So she decided to get only junk food to try and test her roommate’s self-control.  When they eventually began to complain about how they couldn’t fit in their jeans she knew they had gotten just-desserts.

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Intern Joshua VanDerNoord | The MRL Morning Show