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Oh how Summer fashion trends change. You know what they say, “What goes around always comes back around.”

I love Summer, because believe it or not I love the Summer fashion trends! I found a cool article on PureWow and it reminded me of how I dressed in the Summer when I was growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Oh, and before this Summer those trends were long dead! They posted a list of “trends that people are loving and trends that we need to retire.” Here’s a few looks that I definitely rocked back in the day and now are back in…


Tie dye anything and everything! I actually made my own tie dye shirts back in the day with the rit dye, big buckets, rubber bands and everything! So easy and so fun…

Shell jewelry. I was forced to get rid of my green puka-shell necklace when my soon to be wife told me the look was dead when we met in 2009… Well guess what boo? It’s back baby! So rock the shells this summer, surfs up!



Spandex bike shorts. I legit wore spandex shorts as an everyday look back in the 80’s. The whole bicycle delivery person look was a huge thing. Of course I was 12 and looked entirely different, and for that reason I won’t be bringing this one back!



Colored denim! OMG the late 80’s was filled with bright colors! I rocked bright yellow and bright blue denim shorts in ’89. You’ll see bright denim all over the stores this summer. I loved the look, and this one I just may have to bring back! Thanks Color Me Bad!