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Research by Stylist reveals women think about quitting their jobs on an average of about 17 times a year. That’s like, once a month! But mostly we stick it out and get over it. How do you know if its really time to say goodbye and move on?

Here are some advice and pointers from experts to let you know if your time is up.

  1. Figure out what’s making you unhappy? The experts suggest going through every aspect of your job to see what’s making you unhappy about your job duties and the issue. Do you need to change your hours or inquire about additional training? You may find out its not the job, it could be a personal issue or home life.
  2. Look at the route of progression in your company. Look at the higher-ups to determine if that’s a path you would like to take but can you handle the responsibility and the pressures of working on the top?
  3. Work out if the corporate grind is for you? The traditional 9-5 corporate working environment isn’t for everybody. If you have aspirations to travel or start your own business, it may be time to quit your corporate job.
  4. Acknowledge it, if things aren’t going to get better. Although it is important to be positive, sometimes things are what they are. If you see things just aren’t going to get better, it may be time to quit your job and move on.

I have quit a part-time job before. Although I did enjoy the job and my coworkers, I found that my full time was fulfilling enough. Actually, the part-time job gave me a completely different outlook to appreciate what I had in my full-time job.


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Intern Darian / The MRL Morning Show