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LauRen may have had a three-day weekend but she’s still up to date with all her pop culture! She answered all five questions correctly which brought her score up to 19 straight wins!

  1. Dwayne Johnson’s oldest daughter just graduated from High School, what is his nickname? The Rock


  1. Adam Levine announced that he’s leaving NBC’s The Voice, what band is he a part of? Maroon 5


  1. Will Smith snuck into the movie theaters over the weekend with his family to watch the newly released Disney movie that he plays the “Genie” in. What movie? Aladdin


  1. Miley Cyrus teased a new project and debuted a new song over the weekend. Who is her husband? Liam Hemsworth


  1. Taylor Swift shut down an interviewer when they asked her when she planned on settling down now that she’s almost 30. Who is her boyfriend? Joe Alwyn