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Experts warn people against charging devices at airport charging stations.

Social Media has become a big part of everyday life especially when it comes to passing time. Most people arrive to the airport hours before their flight takes off and take advantage of the free charging stations but here’s why you shouldn’t.  According to experts, these charging stations could put your devices in danger, since they can easily be accessed by cyber criminals to either install malware on your phone, or steal your info without you knowing.


“Plugging into a public USB port is kind of like finding a toothbrush on the side of the road and deciding to stick it in your mouth,” Caleb Barlow, Vice-President of X-Force Threat Intelligence at IBM Security says. “You have no idea where that thing has been.”

If you’re worried about potentially getting your information stolen, Barlow suggests travelers stick to a regular charger in a wall outlet. If that’s not an option, bring a portable power bank so you can charge your phone if desperate.

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