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Researchers have found that women’s brains perform better at warmer temperatures.

A new study has come to light. Women work better at higher temperatures, while men work better in the cold. Researchers have found that women have better performance on verbal and math tasks when it’s…you know…not below zero.

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me why I was wearing a jacket, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be worried about college tuition. Yeah, it’s summer, that just means it’ll be winter indoors. I may as well have moved to Antarctica in literally one step through a doorway.

Of course, women would work better when they’re not shivering and trying to build a fire under their desk. How can anyone do anything when they’re trying to regain feeling in their hands and feet? In school, when I was in computer class, it was such a pain trying to type with my hands, so cold, that it hurt.

Middle school for me was the worst. We had a dress code where we couldn’t wear sweatshirts or jackets with hoodies until they could say so. Meanwhile, my tears were turning to ice in math class. Once high school started, guess who wore a jacket EVERY DAY, yeah, apparently it’s near impossible to control the air conditioning.

Personally, I believe it’s easier to focus on work when you’re limbs aren’t frozen solid. For those who can’t relate to this…good for you…that’s one less struggle for you to deal with.


Intern Lynleigh Betchan – The MRL Morning Show