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The only thing standing between these hardened criminals and the average bystander is themselves.  

Sometimes the boys in blue need help protecting the law abiding citizens of this country.  Who better to give the police a hand than these blundering bandits.

Our first criminal is stupid criminal is 27-year-old Cameron Wilson.  Cameron is a repeat offender who is not allowed to have a gun.  It must have been tough to explain the bullet in his groin to the police.  That’s right, he accidentally shot himself in the crotch.  If that wasn’t bad enough during his surgery he apparently forget the bag of weed that he was hiding in his rear end.  During his emergency surgery the bag of weed fell out of him which lead to the cops searching his car and finding a crack pipe as well as other contraband.  he turned himself in a week later and during a standard prison strip search they found another weed bag hidden in his unmentionables.

If you thought Cameron was a stupid criminal let me introduce you to maybe perhaps the Michael Corlioni of them all.  29-year-old Jose Simms failed to show up to court.  This kind of work is tedious for the police.  It requires a lot of man power and often ends with a bounty hunter, or the criminal in question getting away.  Jose however thought he would make it easy on the police.  He said he would turn himself in if his wanted poster on Facebook could get 15,000 votes.  The local authorities took the opportunity to catch and easy crook and a currently promoting the Facebook post.


Happy Weekend! Hope you enjoyed these stupid criminals.


Intern Joshua VanDerNoord | The MRL Morning Show