While people take care of the outside of their car by bringing it to a car wash the inside of the car might not get as good of a cleaning, which leads to germs. Well…it turns out germs are hiding in places you might not think of.

A new survey from CloroxPro shows how dirty the inside of a car is. It’s amazing how clueless we are about germs in our vehicles. The survey finds that overall most drivers believe the majority of germs are found on the steering wheel, door handle, and the gear shift. When Maney asked Roy & LauRen where they thought the most germs are Roy answered the steering wheel while LauRen answered the door handle. The swab test found that this is not the case.

The swab test found out that the dirtiest spots of our car are the front seat cup holders, the dashboard air vents, and the driver’s side floor mat. Maybe you’re a numbers person…so let’s give you some numbers. The front seat cup holder contained 1,179 germs, the dashboard air vent had 1,082 germs and the driver side floor mats had 1,197 germs. Just in case you don’t think those numbers are impressive, the difference is actually quite huge. The steering wheel, where 63% of people thought the most germs hid, only contained 408 germs while the door handle has only 375.

Time to detail the outside and inside of your car!

Intern Preston