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More times than not, your breakup isn’t going to be as dramatic as the breakups on War of The Roses. It might not even be over something as big as cheating on your significant other with your boss or your sister’s best friend. This study shows that more often than not, breakups happen over little issues.

Lying and cheating are obviously the big no-nos in relationships, but there are also smaller, less significant things that can lead to the demise of a healthy relationship.

  1. Not taking out the trash: Surprisingly, this is a relationship wrecker. Trash can really trash your relationship…and we don’t mean your ex.
  2. The thermostat: I can totally relate to this one. I am the cold one and my husband is the hot one. The compromise is me, putting on extra layers of clothes, not leaving the relationship.
  3. Not responding to text messages: Technology has made things so convenient we don’t leave room for response time, we want everything to be quick.
  4. Vacations: Taking a vacation with a significant other is a total tell-all. If you can vacation well together, chances are you will have a good relationship. If you can’t vacation together, better go ahead and pack your bags.
  5. Multitasking: If you are spending time with our partner, spend time with them not your phone.
  6. Cuddling less often: Everyone wants affections…right?  Well, some want it more than others, find a balance.
  7. Forgetting to complement each other: If that is important to your partner, why not compliment them?
  8. Social media: Yes, this one truly destroys relationships. It’s an added pressure to relationships and life in general. Find a balance.

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