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Most would say that Baby Boomer’s parenting advice is out-of-date in the world we live in today, but could all of it be considered bad?

Things people love the baby boomers for…the World Wide Web! Things we may not love them for, their parenting!

Here’s some parenting advice from Baby Boomers that we’re not a huge fan of…

  1. “You’re babying him, he needs to get hurt once in a while.” I think it’s okay for a kid to fall down and skid their knees every once in a while. I think it helps teach them how to deal with pain. It helps them to deal with their emotions and to get back up again.
  2. “They’re playing too many video games.” For some kids, it can become an unhealthy habit. Personally, my own grandfather plays way more video games than some kids. I think it’s healthy to limit their video game usage. Maybe help them find creative hobbies like art, or playing an instrument.
  3. “Oh calm down, a little secondhand smoke won’t hurt him.” As someone who is allergic to cigarette smoke, I definitely don’t think smoking around kids is a good idea. Especially when a child’s lungs are still developing, their health shouldn’t be debatable.
  4. “You guys need to show them better movies, these are all garbage.” I grew up watching so many movies, probably more than any kid should. I think it’s great family bonding showing your kids the movies you grew up watching. I love movies in black and white, and it’s a nice change of pace from today’s movies.


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Intern Lynleigh Betchan – The MRL Morning Show