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Wait, real looking, fake diplomas are a real thing!?

Ok, I’ll admit when I was a senior in college I paid a sophomore to write a paper for me. To my defense, I did proofread it so I knew what I was handing in. I paid her about 40 bucks, it was easy and quick and gave me free time to do other things… Like work on my fake ID.

But this new trend of paying for real looking fake college diplomas is even low for a guy like me who’s into paying for something like that. At least I had to show up to class, participate in discussions and complete internships. I earned my degree, damnit!

Now a company called “” makes it all too easy to become a “college grad.” I heard about this and had to check the website. You can pick the degree you want; high school or college and all you have to do is drop 199 bucks for college or 75 for an authentic looking high school degree. You type in all the info and butter yourself up if you want… degree, honors, even who you want to sign off on it. Y’all the finished product looks so real, I read that employers are having a hard time telling that it’s a phony.

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Posted by Maney Kiss on Thursday, September 3, 2015

But before you plop 199 dollars down on a fake degree remember all an employer has to do is make one phone call to the school to find out that you never graduated from there… I’m not sure how much you have to pay to have someone fake that they work at the college of your choice and vow for you. Maybe I’ll do it for 200 dollars (I won’t)! On the other hand, a Harvard Law Degree would sure look nice in my man room 😉