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Are you the annoying customer that retail employees are annoyed with? Knowing these six retail employee ticks could help you become a less annoying and an overall better customer.

Nobody likes to be the annoying one in a group, but maybe you’re not aware that you’re the annoying one in your group. That’s okay, we’ll give you that benefit of the doubt and assume that you don’t know and give you an insight into what annoys retail employees. The goal is for you to become aware of these so you don’t go and do these things!

  1. Checking Out While On The Phone: This one has to be the worst! If you are on your phone while checking out, you will not be focused and you will hold up the line.
  2. Letting Your Kids Wonder While You Shop: Retail employees are not babysitters. Please watch your kids while you shop, the keyword is YOUR.
  3. Asks For An Employee Discount: Employees cant ring employee discounts on their register so stop asking!
  4. Not Putting Things Back Like/Where They Found Them: It’s courteous to put things back as you found them.
  5. Don’t Read Coupons:¬†Employees say, nine times out of ten the coupon doesn’t really apply and most customers want to argue about it. If your coupon doesn’t apply, please accept it without incident.
  6. Using Sweaty Boob Cash! This one is just NASTY!

I’ve worked in retail and these are true and valid ticks. But good ole’ respect and treating others as you want to be treated will elevate this epidemic. My number one retail tick would be customers that stand in line, complain about the wait, get to the register and literally have to dig for money to pay for their purchase. Did you think the items were free? Why is your money not ready?

What are the most annoying things you have seen or heard from a customer? Are you doing any of these annoying employee ticks? Tweet us! @theMRLshow


Intern Darian | The MRL Morning Show