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Unknown Brewing Company offers a free keg party for the return of stolen van, but there’s a twist. 

The Unknown Brewing Company might’ve beaten an unofficial world record for locating a stolen vehicle. They posted a photo of their missing van on social media stating someone stole it. The brewery offered the perfect reward for their missing van, a free keg party. “Whoever finds it, Brad will buy you a keg party! If you stole it and bring it back, you will also get a keg party.”

A woman named Caroline spotted the missing van when it was found parked on the side of her street. It only took 42 minutes for the van to be found after the reward was announced.

A free keg party is one of the best rewards you could give an adult that helped find your missing vehicle. I’ve never seen a reward better than $50 for finding a missing animal and I’ve never been the recipient of any rewards.

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Intern Shannon McGuire/The MRL Morning Show