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The habits that you’ve been told might have been healthy, might not be so healthy after all.

Some of these habits are hard to break but when your health is involved you should break out the norm. Here are some habits you should break for your own health.

  • Jumping Right Out Of Bed– Rushing to get out of bed can start the day with anxiety and unnecessary stress
  • Hitting Snooze– According to psychotherapist Lin Anderson, in a given night the average individual goes through 3 to 5 sleep cycles. If you hit snooze your brain goes into a sleep cycle, then gets interrupted minutes later. Just set your alarm clock for when you need to wake up and just wake up at that time!
  • Checking Your Phone– Missed notifications can make you stressed and can even give you anxiety. Wait until you get to work.
  • Having A Glass Of Juice– Ditch the juice and have some water when you wake up.
  • Taking a Really Hot Shower– We know, hot water can feel so good in the morning time but doing this dries your skin out and you may fall asleep in the shower, yes that has happened to me before.
  • Skipping Breakfast– You can’t skip the most important meal of the day- having a healthy breakfast (even if it needs to be on the go) has several positive benefits to it.
  • Having A Lot Of Carbs– Now carbs are good for you, but it makes you full which could make you sleepy on your way to work
  • Thinking About Your To-Do List– Don’t start your day with stress. Waking up thinking about all of the things you have to accomplish can stress you out so tackle things one at a time.
  • Washing Your Hair– Doing this every day gets rid of the natural oils that keep your hair from being brittle
  • Cleaning Out Your Ears– As long as it’s not falling from your ear leave the ear wax alone because Q-Tips just push the wax even deeper in your ear
  • Drinking A Cup of Coffee– Drink casually, but don’t depend on it

Now I have to say I am guilty for some of these things especially the snoozing because when working until 11 pm then have to wake up at 4 am twice week kills me so I need those alarms. Now I need to clean my ears sorry Q tips like me and I like them. What’s the worst habit that you needed to break? Was it easy? Tweet us @themrlshow

Preston Berkowitz| MRL Intern