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Do you want to make working out a team effort with your partner? Well here are some dos and don’ts to workout by.


  1. Make it a joint effort. Do it together, at the same time.
  2. Be supportive. Be attentive to your partner even at the gym where others can grab your attention.
  3. Try out fitness classes together. Make it a fun one, something neither of you has tried before like pole dancing.
  4. Go running together. It’s great for your heart and it gets you outside.


  1. Do not grunt! Keep your volume low unless you’re lifting hundreds of pounds.
  2. Don’t Instagram. Please don’t scroll through Instagram workout models. Love the one you’re with.
  3. Don’t tell your partner to stop doing “vanity exercises”. Hopefully, you are at the gym to workout so take advantage of the time to burn calories.

Although I attend the gym with my husband often, when we get in the gym, we go our separate ways. No pressure, we are there to work out but I do enjoy attending the gym together.

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Intern Darian / MRL Morning Show