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We are up to six wins!

  1. Lady Gaga turned heads at The Met Gala the other night but her male “A Star Is Born” co-star could not make it to attend with his wife. Who starred with her in that movie? Bradley Cooper


  1. Chris Evans went to his 20th-year high school reunion in Massachusetts. True or false: His Marvel character is Captain America? True


  1. Everybody noticed a very out of place cup from a popular coffee chain in last week’s Game of Thrones episode. What chain’s cup got left in a scene? Starbucks


  1. Little Nas X makes his TV Debut thanks to his song with Miley’s dad “Old Town Road” – Who is featured on the song with him? Billy Ray Cyrus


  1. There’s a former Bachelorette that is from Charlotte, NC. What is her name? Emily Maynard