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We love the power of radio, especially when it can be used for good.

Over a month ago, we had a listener reach out who was trying to win one of our radio contests so she could use the money to help fund a field day at the school she taught for. This resonated with us as she was trying to win money so she didn’t have to spend her own on her school’s field day. It also resonated with our radio family, who immediately started calling and texting in asking how they could help.

One member of the radio family works for Papa Johns and was able to get the company to donate enough pizzas to feed the entire school! Another member of the radio family works for Coca-Cola and was able to get the company to donate water and Powerade to hydrate the entire school! When Christy, the teacher at East Elementary, reached out to the Kings Mountain local newspaper hoping to recognize Papa Johns & Coca-Cola for their donations, the newspaper got the word out and raised over $500 through the local American Legion and DAR!

We are so happy that Christy was able to give her kids the field day she wanted to without having to dig into her own pockets. Check out the photos below from the big day!