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If you’re looking for the next place to live, millennials think you should consider Austin, Texas!

Researchers spoke to 3,000 millennials from twenty-two metropolitan cities within the United States and were asked to answer the question, “Considering costs (what I give) and benefits (what I get), how worth it is it to reside in this city?”

Go ahead and book your next flight to Texas because according to the US Cities Scorecard for Millennials, out of all those twenty-two cities, Austin is the friendliest and cleanest.

Millennials are becoming the prime household spenders and even Amazon wanted to be in a city that already had the amenities that its younger tech employees could benefit from.


Other cities that ranked well in the study are:

  • Houston – Best Overall Value
  • New York – Most Diverse
  • Denver – Best Access to Nature
  • Los Angeles – Best Climate
  • Portland – Best Parks & Green Spaces


Check out the full study here!