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This study shows that a lot (and we mean A LOT) of Americans admit to being food thieves! 

We’ve all had our food stolen from the work fridge at least once, right? Well, turns out the thieves show no shame! At least 40% of American admitted to being THAT person, AKA the thief.

So what do these people do when their food is stolen? One in three Americans admitted to stealing food right back (if they know who the thief is), while 35% say they’ve left a handwritten “love” note for the thief, how sweet. <3


Top 5 foods that get stolen at work are…. *drum roll*:

  • Chips (31%)
  • Fruit ( 28%)
  • Candy (27%)
  • Coffee (26%)
  • Juice (26%)

What role do you play in this? Are you the thief or the victim here? Tweet us @themrlshow!


Source: SWNS Digital 

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