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The pop princess lost her 93 win winning streak, so today we start a new one! She officially has two wins.

  1. Happy 47th birthday to Dwayne Johnson…what’s his nickname that he also goes by? The Rock


  1. Drake accepted his Billboard award and shouted out Arya Stark for the work she put in on what HBO show that is in the final season? Game of Thrones


  1. If you’re wondering when you’ll find out when Baby Sussex arrives…the palace has said that the couple will more than likely announce on Instagram. Baby Sussex’s parents will be Prince Harry and who? Meghan Markle


  1. The Jonas Brothers announced their tour dates yesterday. They’ll be going to Raleigh but not Charlotte. Maybe they’ll stop in their hometown of ____ for a home cooked meal at Nellie’s! Belmont


  1. Logic has collaborated with this iconic rapper also known as “Marshal Mathers” on a song that will be out tomorrow. What’s Marshal’s rap name? Eminem