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When a 6-year-old says he wants to do a vacation rather than have a birthday party…

My wife and I asked our son Dean if he wanted a birthday party for turning 6 or go on a weekend trip… He decided he wanted to go on a trip, we were both surprised because whether he knew it or not he was giving up on lots of potential presents!

We decided on Greenville SC. We researched and found out they had an awesome Children’s Museum, great parks, and restaurants too.

We had a blast, and Dean found 16 dollars in missed eggs from an earlier Easter Egg hunt! We Air BnB’d a condo close to everything… (no more hotels for us this is way cooler).

Next time you’re planning a birthday for 16 hyperactive 6-year-olds… Ask your son or daughter if they’d rather do something different, a short trip out of town or even something local. It will be something they’ll never forget!