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Ikea’s U.S Design Spokesman Janice Simonsen has some advice to bring your shopping experience a pleasant one.

We’re lucky to have an IKEA so close to us here in Charlotte but going to a place like Ikea takes a lot of mental preparation trust me as someone who is about to move out and went furniture shopping.

Here are some other tips from Ikea U.S Design Spokesman Janice Simonsen:

  • Go on any weekday morning or night- The weekdays are the store’s quietest times so you can focus on shopping,  and it’s light on traffic in the Charlotte area (which we all know how hectic it can get).
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS grab a store map- Ikea is a huge place and you can easily get lost in the store. I know it makes you look dorky but it will save you the hassle.
  • Come with a plan- Don’t just show up at the store without an idea or what you need to buy or look at. It won’t go well.
  • Take notes- There are notecards and pencils all around the store so you can write down what item or items you are considering like price, color, etc.

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Preston Berkowitz | MRL Intern