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Here are some casual dating tips to make your date one for the ages.

Casual dating is totally fine, you just have to communicate it clearly to your date. So get a pad and paper and take some notes because Casual Dating 101 is in session.

  • Apps Before Drinks: Dating apps are the new thing in 2019, I know some dating apps are fishy but who knows, you may find that exact person just by swiping right
  • To Thine Own, Be True: To choose the right dating app depends what you want for a potential relationship. For example, for hit and quit use Tinder or Bumble or if you want a long term use Hinge or my personal preference Plenty of Fish
  • Gender Roles Are Boring: Just go with the flow, it doesn’t matter about who is paying the bill at the end of the night
  • Protect Your Heart & Your Privates: Pretty self explanatory…
  • You Can’t Assume: You ever heard that saying about assuming things? Don’t do that be straight up and honest
  • Phones Can Only Cause Stress If You Let Them: Spend time on your date instead of looking on your screen don’t let come in between you and your potential bae
  • If It Feels Right, It’s Right: Trust your gut you and only you know when something feels off so if you feel confident about it go for it

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Preston Berkowitz| MRL Intern