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Say what!? It’s Maney’s birthday AND LauRen got her 93rd win?

  1. There are now reports that Lori Loughlin didn’t think her actions were illegal. She played Rebecca on what American sitcom that was big during the 80’s & 90’s? Full House


  1. The Avengers will officially start taking over the movie theaters tonight. True or false: Chris Evans plays Thor. False – Chris Hemsworth


  1. Lebron James got listed as a titan for Time’s 100 most influential people of 2019. What professional league is he a part of? NBA


  1. Jay-Z’s foundation will take high school kids on HBCU tours. Who is Jay-Z’s wife? Beyonce


  1. Justin Bieber clapped back at haters and said he did NOT lip sync at Coachella. Pete Davidson’s ex-pop star fiance brought him on stage. Who are we talking about? Ariana Grande