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A new thread on a Whisper app has anonymously revealed things women secretly hate about their husbands. Can you relate?

We were surprised to find out that there are wives talking about their husbands this way! Check out some of the top complaints.


  • “I can’t stand when my husband talks like a baby. It’s so annoying and unattractive. I wish he’d stop.”
  • “I can’t stand when my husband eats cereal. He gets nearly half the cereal on his spoon and then slurps it up.”
  • “I can’t stand when my husband sleeps in the middle of the bed.”
  • “I can’t stand when my husband washes clothes. The kids clothes and mind wind up discolored and shrunken.”
  • “I can’t stand when my husband watches porn. Half of the time I’m angry and the other half I just want to die so it doesn’t hurt anymore. I hate myself for not looking like them.”
  • “Is it bad when I can’t stand when my husband just comes over and starts touching me….like uh, no, leave me alone.”

Okay, some people should really reconsider marriage. I have been married for 17 years and yes, there are things that irritate me about my husband but nothing that I hate. Hate is a pretty strong word.

Is there anything you secretly hate about your husband? For the husbands, are their things you hate about your wife?