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The pop princess is officially in the 90s with 91 wins!

  1. Channing Tatum revealed that his first job was as a male dancer. What movie did he star in about this? Magic Mike


  1. Brody Jenner is speaking out saying that he thinks his sister, Kim, will make an excellent lawyer. True or false: Brody & Kim both starred on The Hills together? False


  1. Louis Tomlinson is working on a new album and revealed that he may be changing his musical direction. What boy band did Louis start out in? One Direction


  1. Pink says she’s no longer going to put her kids on social media. Finish the lyric: “Hey You’re A…”? Rockstar


  1. 13 Going On 30 just turned 15! 15 years ago we fell in love with this actress who was married to & now co-parents with Ben Affleck. Who are we talking about? Jennifer Garner