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Daddy-Daughter dances are supposed to be cute and sentimental, but it was the spark of a fight for one couple.

Oh, Reddit. Without you how would we know about the controversy that goes on in the world?

When you become parents to a daughter at an early age, schools tend to have daddy-daughter dances. The goal of these dances is to form a bond between father and daughter. That’s not the case for one couple. The discussion of a daddy-daughter dance became a big issue for one couple that has left the internet confused.

It all started with an ad for a Valentine’s Day daddy-daughter dance. One dad saw the ad and told his wife that he wasn’t down with the idea. He said he feels like the dances are creepy and sexualize the relationship between daughter and father. He told his wife that the whole thing grosses him out and makes his skin crawl. You know the saying “everybody is entitled to their own opinion?” Well..apparently not in this case. His opinion on daddy-daughter dances did not sit well with his wife. The dad took to Reddit to share that not only did it not sit well with his wife but she was crying over it. The couple is still fighting over the subject and the Internet seems to have mixed opinions on the matter.

What are your thoughts on the idea of a daddy-daughter dance?