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This Build-A-Bear party was rolling smoothly until it was time to give up their bears. Parenting level: Mommy Dearest! 

A mom recently took her 6-year-old daughter to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear, hoping for a good time. All was well while the kids ate cake and pizza in the mall food court and then went to Build-A-Bear to make their creations. Everything was still going swell, up until the end when the birthday girl’s mom asked the party-goers to give up their bears and give them to the b-day girl!

You can imagine that this didn’t go over well with the 6 y/o’s, but what about the parents? The parents, I’m sure, felt terrible for their own children, especially since they didn’t know this was going to happen.

The post also says that the birthday girl was not being thankful for her “gifts”, and even ripped one bear out of a little boys arms when he wouldn’t hand it over.


As a parent, how would you react to this? Would you have your kid give up their creation? Tweet us @themrlshow!

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