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Our contestants are really bringing the heat! Fara and her son got them all correct, but so did our LauRen so the tie stayed in the house and she advanced to 87 wins!


  1. Wendy Williams finally touched on her divorce. True or false: she got her start in radio. TRUE


  1. Ariana Grande reunited NSYNC at Coachella but was missing one member. This member is married to Jessica Biel. Which member was not able to join them on stage? Justin Timberlake


  1. A lot of celebrities took to social media to share their emotional messages about the Notre Dame Cathedral catching on fire in a blaze that destroyed its spire and roof. What country did that happen in? France


  1. We will be getting new music from Justin Bieber this week. What does Justin Bieber’s fan base call themselves? Beliebers


  1. People are still freaking out over Game of Throne’s final season premiere the other night. What network did people watch that on? HBO