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It was a tie with Joanie & Everleigh in Banner Elk, but ties stay in the house so LauRen advances to 86 wins!

  1. Happy 29th birthday to Emma Watson. What iconic sci-fi movie series did she star as Hermione Granger in? Harry Potter


  1. Jordyn Woods had an eventful weekend. She joined Jaden Smith on stage during his Coachella set & had an awkward run-in with Kendall Jenner. Jordyn hooked up with which Kardashian’s baby daddy? Khloe Kardashian


  1. Cardi B gave Variety magazine a very long silence when asked if her & Nicki Minaj would ever make up. True or false: Cardi B has a daughter named Kulture.” True


  1. This golfer just won the Masters for the first time since 2005..? Tiger Woods


  1. Charlie Sheen finally opened up about getting sober. What American sitcom did Charlie star in for 7 seasons? Two And A Half Men