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We all like to be bougie sometimes, but sometimes it’s hard when you are on a travel budget. We’ve got some hacks for you!

I know traveling is expensive but the more we pay the better experience the travel is. When you’re on a budget that is a totally different story, here are some ways that you can travel in style with a budget.

Never Pay For First Class– Even though the first class is nice and pretty, your wallet takes a big hit from the expenses. An actual seat in first class costs 10 TIMES MORE than a regular seat!! Just think about how many cocktails you can buy instead of buying that first class flight.

Stay Loyal To An Airline– RACK UP THOSE MILEAGE POINTS! Link your airline to your credit card and after a certain amount of miles, you can rack up the free upgrades (which includes that first class seat you always wanted). There are multiple airlines so if one deal is better than the competition take it because who doesn’t like free upgrades.

Never Pack More Than You Can Carry– Now we all have to deal with those pricey baggage fees because we carry too much stuff, and then you know you always pack more than you need. If you choose your clothes and other items wisely, you should find that you only need a backpack or at most a duffel. On top of that, you don’t have to wait for your suitcase on a carousel because that can take most of your day instead of enjoying your trip.

Public Transportation Should Be Your First Choice– Another way to travel light is to take a shuttle, bus, etc. to get around town, especially to the airport. You can take a taxi but its a little pricey so I would try to stay away from them as best as you can. I know it’s not the most “Bougiest” thing in the world but it could save 1/10 of the price as a very expensive rent a car or Uber.

Skip Breakfast And Go To Fancy Restaurants For Lunch– Now if you are starving for your life in the morning grab something small to hold you over because breakfast destinations are overpriced and you can have a meal the same size a couple of hours later. Plus the lunch menu is 1/3 of the price than the dinner menu.

Don’t Settle On A Mediocre Hotel– Now this is the part you want to treat yourself to because you are on VACATION! Now the way to make it happen on a budget is the first couple of nights you stay at a hostel. They are WAY less expensive than regular hotels, even when you upgrade to a private room (which to me is way better than a first-class flight). Then, on your last couple of nights go ahead and go stay somewhere luxurious like an all-inclusive resort, just make sure it’s for the last couple of nights your there so you have something to look forward to!

So get ahead to packing! Traveling can be affordable you just have to sacrifice some stuff here and there but it is totally worth it. Besides while all your friends are back home working they will look on your story on Snapchat or your Instagram feed and they will never know you took a bus to go see a California sunset or you spent not that much and had an enjoyable vacation.


Preston Berkowitz| MRL Intern