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This is straight from the women’s magazine.

Some people believe they can maintain friendships with their exes while others never look back. Depending on how you feel about communicating with exes, having a significant other that hasn’t cut off communication can be nerve racking. Hiding conversations and keeping things a secret is never a good sign when it comes to your significant other and their ex. It’s also not a good sign if you and their ex are unable to be friendly towards each other. That’s why we got a guy to tell us signs that your boyfriend may still be in love with or miss their ex.

  • If he compares you to her
  • If he has some of her old stuff
  • If he’s having a problem committing fully to you
  • If he likes or comments on her social media
  • If he seems emotionally disconnected from you
  • If you and his ex have similar features
  • If you started dating really quickly after they broke up
  • If he’s still angry or bitter about the breakup
  • If you have a gut feeling


We hope this isn’t the case for you, but better safe than sorry.