Sunday April 14th will be the last day of The Masters and the chances of Tiger Woods competing are as slim as QCB going to watch that new Pet Sematary movie.Listen though…can it finally happen? Can Tiger Woods finally get off the haven’t won a Major in so many years crap. I’m sick of hearing the question and yes I’m guilty of it too. “Can Tiger win another Major?” “Can Tiger catch Jack?” “Will OJ go back to prison?” I’m tired of all these questions.

Look apparently Tiger Woods is as healthy as he’s ever been I’d give him that. He’s still globally recognize, his name is still moves the golf needle and he still has major ratings power.

All I’m saying is…Tiger it’s either S-word or get off the pot time. Hell Tiger got us waiting on him to be good again I feel like we should put on a red hat that reads, “Making Tiger Woods Good Again”. Q