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Have you ever used an Uber or Lyft? We have some things you should always keep in mind while using them! 

In the rise of the University of South Carolina student, Samantha Josephson, tragically passing away by mistaking a different car for her Uber, we want to stress some of the things you should always keep in mind while using them.

Personally, I’ve used Uber before to get home from concerts and I’ve never been a fan of them. Yes, they are convenient, but you never know what can happen. Here are some ways to stay safe in an Uber:

  • Wait inside for your ride– you shouldn’t stand outside with your phone in your hand longer than you have to. This kind of makes you a target because they know you’re waiting on someone.
  • Pay attention to the vehicle– Do whatever you have to do, including checking the license plate, make, and model of the car to make sure you’re getting in the same car as it says on the app. Never just look at the color of the car and assume it’s the correct one. Always check the plate!
  • Look for the beacon– In some areas, Uber is using a glowing sign called a “beacon” and it glows the color that the passenger chooses to ensure they’re getting in the right car.
  • Use caution– Anyone can order a sign that says “Uber” or “Lyft”, so you shouldn’t trust those. Uber rides can only be requested through the app, so don’t get in a car that says their with Uber and offer you a ride.
  • Sit in the backseat– This gives you more personal space and you can get out easily on either side.
  • Let a friend know– Whenever you’re using an app such as Uber or Lyft, share your location with some friends! That way if anything gets sketchy during the ride or you feel uncomfortable, people know where you are.
  • Don’t share TOO much info– You don’t have any reason to give your phone number or contact info to your driver.
  • Trust your instincts– If you have a gut feeling about something during your Uber or Lyft ride, trust it! No, you’re probably not overreacting. If you feel unsafe, slyly let the driver know you’re ready to end your ride.



  • Before you enter the vehicle, ask the driver who they are there for– The app gives the driver the passengers name that way they know who they’re picking up. If your driver doesn’t know your name, walk away and don’t turn back! Better safe than sorry.
  • Call it in– If your driver puts you in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, report the problem on the app.
  • Leave the gun at home– Lyft doesn’t let passengers or drivers carry weapons during the ride. Even where it’s legal, leave the weapon at home.
  • Rate your driver– If you rate someone 3 stars or below, you’ll never be matched with them again.


Again, we can’t stress it enough that you should always, always, ALWAYS use caution while using any type of rideshare app. Never second guess yourself if you feel uncomfortable! Our thoughts are with Samantha Josephson’s family during this time.


Source: USA Today

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