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Easter is coming soon, and if you have a brunch to host or even if you just want to treat your family, these sweet bites would make a delicious addition to your table.  


Fresh strawberries

Orange candy melts (found in craft stores)

chocolate pudding (from a cup, or make your own)

crushed chocolate cookies


Wash and thoroughly dry strawberries.  Melt candy melts in microwave, according to package directions.  Dip strawberries into candy melts to cover the fruit.  Place on a paper plate or parchment paper to set up.  Fill a piping bag, fitted with a small tip or a zip bag with the corner snipped, with leftover candy melts.  Zig zag the bag over the strawberries for a pretty design.  Allow to set again.  Meanwhile, spoon pudding into individual serving containers.  Once strawberries have set, place one in each cup, pressing slightly into pudding and propping up.  Sprinkle crushed cookies over the pudding to resemble dirt.  Enjoy!