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Even though she tied with Andrew in Boone this morning, she secured herself her 78th win!

  1. Snooki gave an update on her co-stars such as Mike “The Situation” is doing fine in prison. What MTV show did they co-star on with each other? Jersey Shore


  1. Candace Cameron Bure says she is #TeamLori during the college admissions scandal. What iconic show did the two star in together? Full House


  1. Justin Bieber apologizes for his April fool’s day joke of expecting a baby with his wife Hailey Baldwin. Who is her famous actor uncle? Alec Baldwin


  1. *This* TV network just announced the reboot date for “The Hills: New Beginnings”. What network is that? MTV


  1. Kelly Clarkson says her kids are not impressed by her performances anymore. What singing competition did she win? American Idol