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Most of the times we are glad that April Fool’s jokes are simply just that: jokes. Not in this case.

On The MRL Morning Show this morning, we talked about how the U.S. Open’s April Fools Day joke about the puppy ball people backfired because people ended up loving the idea. The same thing happened with Uber. One of my buddies, Tyler, loved the idea as well!

It seems like anything involving dogs, people love. Except for our prank that we tried to pull yesterday: setting up a Canine Cosmetic shop in Belmont, NC. Hey, we thought it was funny!

The same type of backfiring happened to McDonald’s with their prank! People were mad…but only because they wanted it to be real life! In Australia, the fast food chain shared an Instagram post boasting about their latest creation, the McPickle, featuring a countless number of pickles in place of the burger patty.

Once the joke was revealed, some people were disappointed!

Would you have ordered the McPickle if it were not a joke? Tweet us! @theMRLshow