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Sorry fellas, Tinder knows your real height.

We all know dating apps like Tinder are stereotypically known for lying on your profile. Well, Tinder is adding a new height tool to verify how tall you really are.

One of the things most men lie about on their Tinder profile is their height because nowadays women turn away men if they do not meet their height requirements. In fact, 14.5% of males in the U.S are over 6 feet tall, which is kind of a rare breed to catch ladies. The height scam is no longer a problem because Tinder has come up with a new way to get guys accurate height!

By taking a picture of yourself next to any commercial building including your accurate height, Tinder will then determine if you’re lying about your height or not. Your height will be displayed on your account. Which goes to show fellas that height is not a way to a woman’s heart, it’s your true character that you show counts.


– Preston Berkowitz | MRL Intern