Over the last few weeks, I have been able to work with some great people at Beasley Media Group and decided to create my starting line-up for my own BMG team!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I would like to welcome you to the BMG championship game. Let’s begin with the introduction of tonight’s starting line up.

Starting at shooting guard, the videographer from the digital team, number 6, Mark Borja!

  • As a shooting guard, I feel Mark is the player that can work well with everyone and play both defense and offense well. Mark is the videographer and gets to do a lot of work with all stations from promotional videos and commercials to skits and interviews. Mark has been fun to work with and can always have that positive energy in the office.

Starting at point guard, on-air talent for Country 103.7, number 12, Catherine Lane.  

  • For my point guard, I chose Catherine Lane. The point guard sets up scoring opportunities for the game, but Catherine is always there to help scoring opportunities in the office. Catherine is on-air for Country 103.7, but she is always creating blog content and ready to participate in whatever digital project necessary.

Alexis Zarycki (left), Nick Rowlett (center), Mark Borja (floor), and Catherine Lane (right) – Photo by Randi Moultrie

Starting at small forward, all the way from the WNKS studios, midday on-air talent, number 23, Cameron Moore! 

  • As my small forward, I chose Cameron Moore. My small forward has to be versatile and able to play both sides and adjust and that is just what Cameron does every day. Not only does she hosts the Midday On-Air spot on Kiss 95.1, but she is also the new music director for Country 103.7. Cameron can do it all!

Starting at power forward, straight from the digital team, graphic designer, number 17, Nick Rowlett! 

  • My power forward is coming strong, Nick Rowlett! Nick is the graphic designer and helps create some of the coolest logos and flyers for the company. He was chosen as my power forward because his talent is beyond strong. Although they all share an office, he is usually in his own world to focus on what he is working on. He worries about his position but still is there for the team.

Finally, team captain, starting at center, straight from the digital room, digital program director, number 21, Alexis Zarycki! 

  • Alexis is the digital program director and my direct supervisor. Getting to work the most with her, she would be my center because of her strength to lead. Alexis deals with a lot from all stations, corporate, and local digital teams and being able to work with all those aspects makes her skillset strong. She is able to balance all sides of the court, but still get her job done and lead the team to success.

Beasley Media Group – Photo by Randi Moultrie

Randi Moultrie – Digital Content Intern 

Beasley Media Group – Charlotte, NC 

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige