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Do you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home in your home? 

A lot of parents are worried that their Alexa’s and Google Home’s are eavesdropping on their conversations, even when they aren’t talking to them. Fifty-eight percent of parents are concerned about hackers, and 40% actually turn their speakers off to prevent this.

It’s definitely normal now to hear people say “Alexa” or “OK Google” into the air in their homes, but while most people are having fun with their smart speakers, a lot of other parents are worried about having them in their homes. Kids know they aren’t talking to a real person, they use their smart speakers for playing music, getting information, and just playing around with it like we all do with our Siri.

From experience, my mom had purchased one when they first came out and took it back the next day because she was freaked out and was worried it would eavesdrop! So this definitely isn’t something new, people have always had it in the back of their heads. Have you ever worried about a hacker eavesdropping in your home?

Source: USA Today 

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