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If you’ve called your significant other bae today, you’re in trouble.

A new study examined the use and knowledge of modern slang by 2,000 and found the top 20 slang words that leave the average person irritated. The study was conducted by market researchers, OnePoll, found that people think there is a cutoff age for using slang words.

One in four Americans think that people who are over the age of 25 are already too old to use any form of slang and if you’re over the age of 43 then you shouldn’t be using it at all.

When it comes to using slang in the workplace, 37% of people found that to be completely unacceptable and 55% were totally against using “lol” in an email to a boss. We figured that to be common sense but…who knows.

Top Ten Most Commonly Used Slang Terms

  1. Bae
  2. SMH
  3. Lit
  4. Fam
  5. Hangry
  6. Thirsty
  7. GOAT
  8. Keep it 100
  9. Gucci
  10. Fire

Top Ten Most Annoying Slang Terms

  1. GOAT
  2. Bae
  3. Hangry
  4. Gucci
  5. Ghost
  6. Fleek
  7. Stussy
  8. TFW
  9. Throw shade
  10. SMH


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Source: NYPost