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Snowplow parenting is a thing, and it’s taking over! 

Just when you thought helicopter parenting was bad, it got worse. Although Lori Loughlin is hard to beat at snowplow parenting, there are other people that have her beat! Snowplow parents are the ones who try to make their kids lives as easy as possible, meaning removing all obstacles.

Usually, after college, parents tend to lay off of their kids lives so they can do their own thing, but snowplow parents never rest. They still schedule their kid’s doctors appointments, haircuts, etc. and if there’s a problem at work, then the boss should expect a call from the snowplow parent very soon.

This not only embarrasses the parent because their kid is in their 20s and should be able to handle it, but it also embarrasses the kid too! According to Psychologist Madeline Levine, “The point is to prepare the kid for the road instead of preparing the road for the kid.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself Madeline!

Source: Business Insider

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